Indonesian Political  Islam Fails Again
oleh Saidiman
17 April 2014

Islamic political parties have been losing their ideological articulation since the Islamic academic community moved in a more liberal and progressive direction. The counter argument to the idea of political Islam has not come from the nationalistic or secular community, but mainly from inside Islam ...

Reverberating Thoughts of Gus Dur
oleh Abdul Moqsith Ghazali
17 February 2012

With sufficient basis of Islamic knowledge, Gus Dur carried out dynamization of Islamic thought. He also sharply criticized the stagnation of Islamic thought. Gus Dur viewed that ushul fiqh, which is historically a creative process to dynamize the Islamic jurisprudence, has developed into a very ...

Students Voice
Empathic Dialogue
oleh Usep Hasan Sadikin*
13 June 2011

"It is time for us to greet each other not only as a standard salutation but should be meant as a sincere prayer, recognition and respect of faith, and manifestation of a personís religious identity. Say assalamuíalaikum (peace be with you) to Muslims. Say shalom (peace) to Christians. Say namo ...

Indonesia as the Center of World Islamic Thought
oleh Evi Rahmawati
20 January 2012

"Ulil emphasized his optimism that Indonesia has an opportunity to be the center of Islamic thoughts in the international field. He stated his objection on the result of research conducted by two scholars from Washington about how far Islam has colored Muslim countries. They viewed this from a variety ...

Responsibility for Silence
oleh Natalia Laskowska
06 May 2013

Almost two months ago the Human Rights Watch published In Religionís Name, a detailed report of abuses and rising violence against religious minorities in Indonesia. Going through the pages I remembered all the media coverage when in February 2011, in Cikeusik, a mob attacked the members of ...

Khilafah: Antara Fiksi dan Sejarah

Meskipun telah mengalami keruntuhan sejak 1924, wacana tentang khilafah hampir tak pernah usai di kalangan Islam konservatif. Hasrat untuk menegakkan khilafah terus didengungkan melalui gerakan Islam ...
Charlie Hebdo dan Islam di Eropa

"Charlie Hebdo dan Islam di Eropa"
Rabu, 21 Januari 2015, Pukul 19.00 WIB-selesai
Teater Utan Kayu

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