Radical Salafi, Pesantren and Terrorism: Radical Salafi, Pesantren and Terrorism
oleh Jamal Ma’mur Asmani
01 September 2003

The three mainstream of pesantren’s science , tauhid, fiqh dan tasawuf (unity of God, Islamic jurisprudence and mysticism), suggest the community to perform good deed, love, give in for the sake of others, make others happy, help and cooperate, and ...

Religion: Instrument or Objective
oleh Afriadi
25 August 2003

Islam has been “accused” as a religion which has produced these terrorists though the Muslim community has also criticized the terrorists as barbaric, atheistic and uncivilized. But the facts are that the terrorists claim that their action is based ...

Criticizing the Hegemony of “Iman” and the Interpretation of “Islam”
oleh Fajar Riza Ul Haq
04 August 2003

Indeed, this battle of political and religious discourses provides fertile ground for the growth of interpretation of plural religious principles. Moreover, the definition of iman of Ahmad bin Hanbal which has been carved into the religious consciousness ...

Islamic Sharia: Liberal Muslim Perspective
oleh Burhanuddin
03 August 2003

Title: Syariat Islam, Pandangan Muslim Liberal (Islamic Sharia, Liberal Muslim Perspective) Author: Al Asymawi, Saiful Mujani, Azyumardi Azra, Taufik Adnan Amal, Ulil Abshar-Abdalla, et all. Editor: Burhanuddin Publisher: Jaringan Islam Liberal and ...

Religious Philanthropy as Social Capital
oleh Muhamad Ali
10 July 2003

Attempts at reducing our country’s economic hardship seem to have overlooked the potential of religious civil society in coping with social problems. As most religious organizations become part of civil society, they have the obligations to improve ...

U.S. Perspectives on Islam and Democracy Post-9-11
oleh Richard G. Kraince
26 June 2003

This short paper provides an overview of the principal arguments presented on both sides of this discourse. It is an introduction to recent works by several leading analysts in the U.S. who are working on democratization issues in the Muslim world. ...

Huwaidi and Concept of "Dzimmah"
oleh Ulil Abshar-Abdalla
01 June 2003

Does the classic concept regarding dzimmi or ahludz dzimmah still stand? In the political framework of classic Islam, the non-Muslims who did not fight Muslims (kafir dzimmi) are given safeguards and political protection, though with a status in ...

Building Interfaith Trust
oleh Muhamad Ali
23 May 2003

Not all religious leaders wish to assume those responsibilities and some still promote religious triumphalism at the expense of interfaith amity, and this only compounds the levels of fear and mutual hostility. Those within these communities who ...

About the Meaning of “Liberal” in Liberal Islam: Religion, Reason and Liberty
oleh Ulil Abshar-Abdalla
11 May 2003

Once more, Islam is worthless for people who deny the humanity itself. Since religion is not presented for the donkey.

Inul’s Swing and the Decline of Religious Authority
oleh Burhanuddin
04 May 2003

Primitive religion accepts art more readily than does organized religion. According to Weber, orgiastic religion tends to develop through songs and music while ritualistic religion tends toward the pictorial arts and religion which suggest a love ...

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Khilafah: Antara Fiksi dan Srejarah

Meskipun telah mengalami keruntuhan sejak 1924, wacana tentang khilafah hampir tak pernah usai di kalangan Islam konservatif. Hasrat untuk menegakkan khilafah terus didengungkan melalui gerakan Islam ...
Charlie Hebdo dan Islam di Eropa

"Charlie Hebdo dan Islam di Eropa"
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